Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Games Afoot

 Janie says that my feet are beautiful and when you look at this picture I am sure you will agree. Feet are funny things though, Janie's toes look like little pink sausages, whilst mine are much more useful, long and slender and ending with a wonderful nail.

Did you know that my nails should be a perfect quarter of a circle in shape?  Mine are just right, and should stay that way as long as I look after them properly.  Janie filed the very tips of them off, she said they were hurting when I sat on her, which was funny as I never felt a thing.  To file my nails, she put a large foot file on the table to let me get used to it, as sometimes I can be scared of new things. Where my family originally came from, 'strange things' can sometimes eat you, so it is best to be wary.

Now I am happy with the file, Janie rubs a nail at a time on the foot file, it doesn't hurt but feels a bit strange, it took time but all things happen with patience.  All you have to do is file the very tip of our nails away, never file to much as we need them for gripping perches.

Often Janie brings out the file just to pretend to do my nails, she thinks I might forget for when I need them doing again, honestly, humans are odd at times, but you got to love them.

Darwin  xx


captaincobwebb said...

Phoo wheee what smelly feet Darwin !!!!

Darwin said...

My feet do not smell, your nose must be faulty.

Nibbles Darwin xx