Sunday, 3 July 2011

Size does Matter!!!

Hi Grey fans, hope all is well in your world, because it isn't in mine.  Strange things are happening, strange and disturbing things, strange, disturbing and slightly scary things.

I am falling to bits !!!

Janie keeps telling me that I am making a mess with my very first moult, but just look at the size of that feather in the picture, 20 cm's long, I can't afford to lose something that big from my body can I? I am going to end up naked, how embarrassing.

This morning, Stuart caught Welly, the Cesky Terrier chewing on yet another feather of this size!!!!  He told Welly off, that he shouldn't eat Darwin !!!!!!!!!!  Welly was eating me.. Wah !!!

Breath slowly in - out - in - out...

I am falling to bits !!!

What am I to do?

Can't write any more, it's all to much.

Nibbles Darwin xxx