Friday, 20 August 2010

Boing, Boing !!!

Well here I am again, I guess I wasn't really on the look out for Janie and her camera whilst happily sitting here looking out of the window.  She sneaks up on me in the most unusual places, honestly, and she calls me a little devil!!!! 

I am sitting on my Sisal Boing, Sisal is a very good material for making ropes for us birds, just be aware to make sure that the rope hasn't been treated with anything bad for us before buying.  The red round thing just above me is called a Bagel, and it wonderful for chewing on, they come in so many different colours and sizes. It's made from cardboard which is brilliant for tearing to bits, almost as good as wallpaper and carpet, oh, and curtains, especially those net curtains you can see in the photo, almost !!!

The reason why I chose this photo, was not really my toys, though I do love showing my things off. The real reason was to show off my bum and those wonderful tail feathers of mine.  I am only a young Congo, you can tell this by the darkish grey tips to my red tail feathers.  When I moult for the first time, my tail feathers will come back as the brilliant bright red of an adult, not that I will be an adult when that happens, it will just be a step towards being grown up.

Before I go I have to say a big thank you to Sandy O...  she commented on Janie's blog about me as she couldn't find the comments section on here.  Thank you Sandy, I so love people to like me.

Sandy O said...
ha ha ha, I just came back from Darwins blog and he is so cute and funny! I friended him so I don't miss out on his antics and sense of humor. Thank you for posting the link. Didn't see a place for comments, so maybe you can tell him for me ;o)

Until next time,

Darwin xx


Sandy O said...

Oh yes, Darwin, you do have an adorable bum, LOL. Your toy looks like so muchfun, I wish they made one for us humans, though most of us would not need to chew on the bangle. Our teeth don't really get that sharp and we tend to eat more fattening stuff when we get the earge to chew. (amybe we should have our own bangle, LOL)

I can hardly wait to see your beautiful adult tail!

Darwin said...

Thank you Sandy, you seem such a nice person, I live nice people, I chew on them sometimes just to tell them how much I like them.

Darwin xxx