Monday, 9 August 2010

The Colourful World of Grey

Hello, my name is Darwin Grey, as you can see I am rather gorgeous.  I am a Congo African Grey, or as some humans say, a CAG. I live in the U.K. with my parents Stuart and Janie who worship me and allow me to do everything I want, whenever I want.

Today happens to be my birthday, I am 18 weeks old today, and I have lived with my parents for 5 weeks yesterday so we are still getting used to each other.  On Saturday I went to visit a vet for the first time, it was a scary experience at first as we had to travel in a car for almost an hour to get there.  It seems that good birdy vets can be hard to find, which does not seem right to me, vets should learn more about us. 

I really enjoyed the car journey after I got used to it, and the vet was really nice.  She really grilled my parents about good bird housekeeping, she knew her business and my parents managed to answer most questions as they had done there homework before I came to live with them.  I then had an examination, which wasn't to bad, and the lady vet said I was in wonderful condition. and a really nice young Grey.  I would of told her that, had she asked.

Will write more soon,

Darwin xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Darwin, nice blog. Write more please.

Anonymous said...

Hey Darwin, Aunty Carol here it was good to finally meet you at last and thanks for not poo'ing on me ............ xx