Monday, 18 October 2010

The Birdinator

Hello again, todays lesson is in the Art of Destruction.  Some may say that it takes time, patience and a lot of know how to destroy anything, I say, it doesn't. Destroying anything is actually quite easy, be it chairs, wall paper, curtains, tables, cooker hobs, plastic containers or curtain poles, as seen in the picture above.

I love to swoop down on an unsuspecting Janie, if she is sitting and reading one of her crafty magazines, oh what fun to grab a page and rips bits of it out.  As I have said previously about food what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine to, this actually applies to everything in the house, it all belongs to me.  I can eat, chew or poo on everything, and I do it all with great abandon.

Sometimes, when I poo on Stuart he gets a little tetchy, and tells me off and puts me back in my cage.  I just ignore this bad behaviour and eat a little food and wait until he lets me out again.  I always forgive him, I haven't owned him that long and I am still training him.

Nibbles Darwin.. xx

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Grey's Don't Go Cheap

Hello friends, yes it's me again, can you believe it tomorrow I am six months old!!!  Don't I look good for my age?  As you can see I am enjoying life, my flying is really coming on now, and just to annoy Stuart and Janie I always try to land on their heads.  They do so hate me to do that, but I find it so funny, especially when I hang on to the hair really tightly when they try to get me down.  Such a laugh!!!

As you can see Janie has given me my own Piggy Bank to save up my pocket money.  She says that I cost to much and that I will have to start supporting myself.  I tried to explain that, that was what my wings were for, but she was having none of it.

It seems we are very expensive to maintain, besides the cost of buying me, and buying my cage.  There are food costs, vet costs, toy costs and cleaning costs.  Having a Grey or any bird in your home is something you should not undertake lightly it seems.  We are not cheap, but we are lovable (mostly), but anyone considering buying one of my feathered chums, should really think hard before going ahead.  As a wise man once said, 'Polly wants a cracker'.  Not sure what that has to do with things, but it is a very wise saying you must agree.

Anyway, I really must get on with trying to work out how this Piggy Bank thing works, I am sure there is a nut in there if only I could work out how to get to it. Polly might want a cracker, but Darwin's prefer nuts!!!

Nibbles Darwin  xxx