Monday, 18 October 2010

The Birdinator

Hello again, todays lesson is in the Art of Destruction.  Some may say that it takes time, patience and a lot of know how to destroy anything, I say, it doesn't. Destroying anything is actually quite easy, be it chairs, wall paper, curtains, tables, cooker hobs, plastic containers or curtain poles, as seen in the picture above.

I love to swoop down on an unsuspecting Janie, if she is sitting and reading one of her crafty magazines, oh what fun to grab a page and rips bits of it out.  As I have said previously about food what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine to, this actually applies to everything in the house, it all belongs to me.  I can eat, chew or poo on everything, and I do it all with great abandon.

Sometimes, when I poo on Stuart he gets a little tetchy, and tells me off and puts me back in my cage.  I just ignore this bad behaviour and eat a little food and wait until he lets me out again.  I always forgive him, I haven't owned him that long and I am still training him.

Nibbles Darwin.. xx


Sandy O said...

ha ha ha, love your post today. What a fun time chuckling while drinkinjg my morning coffee, tee he he. Have you tried coffee yet? I bet Janie and Stuart would enjoy your additional energy!

Darwin said...

Believe me Sandy, I have tried to get at coffee and tea. Both Stuart and Janie guard their cups of this with zeal. I am not sure what it tastes like yet, but they way they defend their cups it must be great!!! Don't worry I will get my fair share one day.

Nibbles Darwin xx