Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Pink Incident

Hi Grey Fans, are you sitting comfortably as I want to tell you a story and yes, as you can see, this story has a picture to go with it.  It also, as the best stories do, has a moral as well, I know, I know, it's so exciting!!!

Are you ready?  Then let us begin.

One day, not so long ago, Janie decided that as I loved Pomegranate (Pom Poms) so much, she would buy me a whole fruit, instead of the usual seeds in a tub she buys from the supermarket.  She carefully, yes knives can be sharp boys and girls - not a sharp as my beak - but that is a different story, cut the fruit in half, stuck  half on one of my fruit hanging skewers and hung the fruit in my cage.

She then, wheeled my cage into the front room, as she was going to do something or other on the computer, and proceeded to leave me to it.

I ate my Pom Pom.

Janie sat at her computer.

I ate my Pom Pom some more.

Janie sat on her computer some more.

Repeat until bored.....

Finally the Pom Pom half was gone and Janie got up to check on me...  the photo above is a recreation of what she found.  Or as she said after, 'The Crime Scene'.

The curtains were covered in Pom Pom pink, the net curtains were covered, the wall was pink, the paintwork was pink, so was the radiator, the fish tank, my whole cage and even the window itself.  I had done a good job of spreading Pom Pom around.

Janie quickly moved my cage and got down the curtains and the nets to wash them before they stained, she cleaned the windows and washed down the paintwork and the radiator... I have never seen her work so hard...

All the time she kept saying... 'Oh Darwin!!!'  As if it was my fault!!!!!  Was I the one who gave me the Pom Pom in the first place???

Oh yes the moral of the story...

Never give Pom Pom fruit to Darwin's inside the house.

I think by the look of Janie's face it is a moral she will never forget.

Until next time,

Nibbles Darwin xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

For Me?

Howdy Darwin fans, I am in a really good mood today, want to know why?  Of course you do, because I know my good mood will make all my readers feel 100% better about not having me in their lives on a daily basis.  Well let me tell you a story...

Sunday was Stuart's birthday, he got lots of presents and lots of cards, and then he and Janie went out for the day and left me all alone, well apart from my radio, which you all know how much I love listening to.  There was a lot about something called the Eurovision, something called Blue did not do as well as they had expected.  I could of told them their mistake, should of called themselves Grey, and they would of been a runaway success.  Honestly, you can't tell people sometimes!!!!!

Anyway, I digress, it seems that Stuart was born on the same day his Mum was, which confuses me a little, as I am sure that would make them brother and sister, but maybe humans think differently about such things, they are very strange you know.

Anyway, I digress again, the next day Stuart went to work, and he came home with a surprise from some very nice people called Val and Jonathan, they had given him a card AND TWO presents.  Stuart opened the card, and I thought, 'WOW, that looks good for a nibble or two later'.  In the card, Val or Jonathan had written, 'P.S. Pressie really for Darwin, but I'm sure he'll share'.  There was some other stuff written but that wasn't important, I did my impatient dance as Stuart opened the first pressie, a packet of flaked almonds, my favourite nuts, wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  

The second pressie was a huge bag of mixed nuts and dried fruits, which I soon stuck my head in to see what was what. As you can see from the pictures, Stuart gave me a huge dried apricot, it was as big as my head, he then tipped the rest of the bag into one of those horrid plastic containers with a lid.  I can chew open bags, but not those containers, yet!!!!  Stuart says that my pressie will keep nice and fresh in the container, but I think he did it so he could sneak one of MY nuts or fruits when he thinks I am not looking!!!!

The pressies were very nicely wrapped, thank you very much, and I particularly liked this nice cream coloured bow, that was on top of one of them.  The other had a bow as well, but it was red, I don't like the colour red, it clashes with my bum, but, this one, the cream bow was lovely.

It tasted good too!!!

Thank you very much Val and Jonathan for my lovely pressies, but please remember in future,

What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too.  Darwin's don't share.

It's written on a blog somewhere, so it's got to be true.

Nibbles Darwin xx

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Oh Nuts !!!

Hello Grey Fans.  I totally enjoyed the wedding, you know of William and Catherine.  I was listening on the radio, I have my own, a little DAB that I listen to all the time.  I like Radio 2, and I often sing along.  I REALLY liked it when the sang 'Jerusalem', at the wedding, I whistled and squawked along.  Janie was most impressed I can tell.  She even gave me an almond to show how pleased she was.  Of course I couldn't sing along while eating my almond, and I do truly love almonds, they are a favourite of mine. 

I ate my almond very quickly so I could start singing again, but I didn't get another almond, even though I sang as loudly as I could.  Ah well, maybe next time.  I can't wait for the next wedding on the radio, such fun.

Nibbles Darwin. xxx