Friday, 11 February 2011

Oh Woe is Me

See that!!!  See what happens when you don't look where you put your feet?  Ripped part of my toenail off... and it hurt!!!!  You know the saying that 'a little blood goes a long way'?  Well it certainly does when you have wings, on the floor, the walls, the ceiling, furniture, curtains, carpet, Stuart and Janie!!!  You name it, I splattered it good and proper.

Despite Stuart and Janie's best efforts, my foot kept bleeding so it was off to the vet, she was very nice, said that I should not worry, and that I was a big bird and I hadn't lost to much blood.  She fixed my foot by rubbing a tiny stick on it, weird huh?  Not that I forgave her for the big bird comment, I am not big, I am just well muscled, all that flying I do.

Anyway, it's all forgotten now, well by me anyway.  I am busy getting on with my very first moult, which takes me a lot of time and effort, especially making sure my feathers fall all over the place.  I love seeing Janie vacuum, in fact I love it so much I went for a ride while she cleaned and pooped on it.  Took Stuart and Janie ages to clean it off.  Such fun.

Nibbles, Darwin xxx