Thursday, 20 October 2011

 Hello there, I have a new favourite nut, here is me eating one, though you can't see much of it as it is quite small, and really, really hard to crack.  Hmmm...  a hard nut to crack - I am sure I have heard that saying somewhere before. 

To make my new favourite Nut easier for you to see, I found this picture below for you all.  I am thinking of asking Janie to make it really big and printing it out so I could put it up in my bedroom.  Then when I am feeling hungry I can just nibble on the poster as a snack
So what are these wonderful new nuts I here you ask...  well let me introduce you to Cedar Nuts, which are the seeds of the Swiss Pine.  See how knowledgeable I am?  And do you know what the very best thing about them are, that whenever Stuart and Janie are watching a program on the telly, if I make enough noise, they give me one to shut me up.  Tee Hee !!!

Stuart and Janie think they are making me be quiet, I think I am getting a Cedar Nut whenever I fancy one...  what do you all think?

Nibbles Darwin xx

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