Sunday, 1 May 2011

Oh Nuts !!!

Hello Grey Fans.  I totally enjoyed the wedding, you know of William and Catherine.  I was listening on the radio, I have my own, a little DAB that I listen to all the time.  I like Radio 2, and I often sing along.  I REALLY liked it when the sang 'Jerusalem', at the wedding, I whistled and squawked along.  Janie was most impressed I can tell.  She even gave me an almond to show how pleased she was.  Of course I couldn't sing along while eating my almond, and I do truly love almonds, they are a favourite of mine. 

I ate my almond very quickly so I could start singing again, but I didn't get another almond, even though I sang as loudly as I could.  Ah well, maybe next time.  I can't wait for the next wedding on the radio, such fun.

Nibbles Darwin. xxx


Sandy O said...

Hi Darwin, haven't heard from you in a while. I love almonds too :o) My daschund sings when the music has trumpets. We should get you 2 together!

Darwin said...

Hmmm, a dachshund, is that a type of sneeze? Janie sneezes a lot, she says she has something called Hey!! Fever!!!

I now sneeze as well, just like Janie, I am very clever.

Nibbles Darwin xx