Sunday, 23 January 2011

First Post of the New Year

So here we are again, been a while since my last blog, but been very busy.  As you can see I have some new toys to demolish, I had great fun unwrapping my Christmas presents, to be honest they were more fun than the actual things inside, but you have to keep up appearances don't you or they might stop buying me stuff.

I spent some time with Stuart's Mum and Dad over Christmas, my large holiday cage had been set up for me, it was wonderful.  I even gave Janie and Stuart a couple of presents myself, two new phrases that I had been practising especially for them...
'Look at you'  and 'What ya' doing?'
They seem pretty happy, doesn't take much, good job I didn't recite the book, 'War and Peace' to them or I am not sure what might have happened.  I shall keep quiet about that until a later date.

Until next time,

Nibbles Darwin xx

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