Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The weather outside is frightful...

The other day I looked out of the window and freaked out, it was a mess, white stuff everywhere, surely this is not normal.  Honestly it took Janie ages to calm me down, and then, the sky began to fall in, huge white flakes where falling down to join the mess already on the ground.  It was disgusting, and looked sooooooooo cold.

I was really happy to be inside, all warm and safe.  Honestly it's a complete jungle out there at the moment.

Janie said that we could go outside to build something called a 'snowman', it seems you bundle all the white stuff up and make a replica of a person.  Honestly she is so strange at times, she put a carrot on the table and said we could use it as a nose.  I looked at the carrot, and thought that it really didn't look like a nose, even the overly big nose that Janie has. 

So when Janie went to put on her coat, I did the only thing that I could to show Janie that this was not a nose but a carrot.
I ate it.....

Nibbles Darwin xx


Anonymous said...

Now that's just being greedy. If you eat all that how do you fly?


Your Biggest Fan

Darwin said...

Nice name, and I fly by flapping, my wings silly.

nibbles Darwin xx