Thursday, 16 September 2010

Food For Thought

Ahhh, one of my favourite things, the great and noble pursuit of eating.  Today Janie was eating a pear, I wanted it, Janie gave me a piece, I wanted hers.  We had a battle, Janie gave me what was left of her pear.  This is what happened to it.  It was on the walls, on the chairs, on the floor, on Janie, it was wonderful.

You see I have discovered in the months since I have been born, that getting air to food is very important to getting the taste just right.  So the more I throw the food about the better it tastes. Janie sometimes gives me odd looks, but one day I know, she will learn this valuable lesson.

Oh before I go and get on with a little more eating I have compliled a short list of food that I should never eat, there are bound to be more, so before feeding me a new thing Janie always checks to see if it is safe for me.  She is good like that.

Bad for Me
Egg Plant (Aubergine)
Fatty Foods
Fizzy drinks
Raw onion
Apple Seeds
Grit (We don't need it in our diet)
That's all for now folks,

Nibbles, Darwin. xx


Sandy O said...

Oh My Gosh! This is too cute! I am beginning to really love Darwin :o)

Darwin said...

I am really very lovable, everyone tells me so, well everyone who matters does anyway. Thank you so much for telling me as well, makes me feel so special, which of course I am.

Nibbles Darwin xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Darwin, looks like you've been watching Janie and Stuart eat !! You know how messy they are !

Aunty Carol xx

Darwin said...

Aunty Carol I have been trying so hard to get them to throw their food around, but as yet they still eat it off those large round things. Very peculiar.

Nibbles Darwin xxx